Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Liferay JSP Hook

Liferay JSP Hook Creation
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Hook to override jsp files :

This is most simple hook.
Task: We are going to modify Terms of use page when user gets Login first time.
Create directory inside our hook : liferay-plugins-sdk-6.1\hooks\myfirsthook-hook\docroot\META-INF\custom_jsps

Modify liferay-hook.xml file.


terms_of_use.jsp file is present within tomcat\webapps\root\html\portal.

Create Similar mirror folder structure within /META-INF/custom_jsps in our hook..
Create hooks\myfirsthook-hook\docroot\META-INF\custom_jsps\html\portal folder.
Now copy tomcat\webapps\root\html\portal\terms_of_use.jsp and put it into \myfirsthook-hook\docroot\META-INF\custom_jsps\html\portal in hook folder.
Edit the terms_of_use.jsp as u like.
Now deploy hook.
Create new user and login to liferay, modified tems_of_use.jsp will get displayed.

After deployment of hook old jsp will get rename to terms_of_use.portal and new one get placed at their place.

Note: Don’t use different hook to override same jsp as liferay will not recognizes which one to use.

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