Thursday, July 05, 2012

Liferay Hook Advance 3



Hook to override
Liferay has more than 43 languages available.
Using Hook we can add new language messages or even can modify existing one.

Steps :

Modify liferay-hook.xml :











Create folder within hooks\myfirsthook-hook\docroot\WEB-INF\src\content

Create file and .
what-is-your-lucky-number=What is ur Lucky Number ?
what-is-ur-girl-friend-name=What is ur girl friend Name?
what-is-your-lucky-number=आपका पहला Lucky नंबर क्या था?
what-is-ur-girl-friend-name=आपके पहले girlfirnd का नाम क्या था?

users.reminder.queries.questions= what-is-your-lucky- number,what-is-ur-girl-friend-name

Deploy Hook.

So new messages get display :

Summary :

Override portal-properties file.

Override language-properties file.

Deploying hook
Modifieing remainder query and language locales.


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